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Nova Sound presents Free Nova Sound FX. Nova Sound unveils two new websites for Nova Sound Technology and Nova Sound Productions.   Join the SoundWav Express mailing list Features: 8 Sounds. Stereo .wav 48K 24-bit *Free for a limited time only.     Nova Sound · Free Nova Sound FX and Drums - Nova Sound -

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Dr Changa, GP, Grand, Grand Piano, Instrument, Keys, Music, Nova Sound, Piano, Plugin -

Nova Sound presents Keys On Timberland Drive, inspired by The Sound Spotlight interview series. Keys On Timberland Drive includes 52 grand piano samples mastered for music production and background music. Free Keys includes 8 free instrument samples, available after email sign up!  Join the SoundWav Express mailing list here  Features: 52 Sounds. Stereo .wav. 48K 24-bit.  Nova Sound · Keys On Timberland Dr. - Nova Sound - Piano Synth Instrument   Join the SoundWav Express!

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Caribbean, Carribean, Free, Free Art, Free Download, Percussion, Plugin -

Nova Sound presents Free Art (Sound Kit), inspired by the Free Art video series. This sound kit is free with a two-step sign-up process and is available for a limited time only. Download Free Art HERE! Percussion Caribbean is a Rompler style plug-in that consists of 88 high fidelity Caribbean drum samples. Available for $10 at NovaSound.Technology  Features: 8 Sounds. Stereo .wav. 48K 24-bit.  Price: Free with sign up via NovaSound.Technology

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