Nova Universal Sound FX 2016

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Nova Sound presents Nova Universal FX 2016. This library is a wide range of universal audio assets necessary to develop a game or application. 110 high fidelity, multi-channel recordings crafted into dynamic stereo sound fx. 110 Sounds - 48K 24 bit Wav. Stereo 

A Nova Sound Master Collection



Small FX, Large FX, Stingers, and Loop-ables, from the following Nova Sound collections: 

App Essentials - Navigation Button FX  

Vehicle 1175 - Car and Automobile FX 

Chemical Weapons - Explosion and Weapon  

Titanium - Metallic and Impact FX  

Baby Project K&M - Baby FX 

Nova Tool Box - Tool Kit FX  

Blades and Sharp Objects - Weapon FX 

Foley Human - Foley FX  

Cock & Shoot FX - Gun and Weapon FX 

All Hallows Eve - Horror FX 

Stomp Mechanism - Stomp Sound FX 

Gun Range - Weapon FX