Heavy Machinery, Motors and Engines - Metal Impact FX

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Nova Sound presents 'Heavy Machinery, Motors, and Engines - Metal Impact FX,' a meticulously crafted sound library created through authentic recordings processed dynamically to produce realistic and sci-fi style machinery sounds. Designed for game development, app development, and post-production.



- 150+ Sound FX 

- 48k 24 Bit Wav. Stereo

Metal, Metallic, Steal, Steel, Brass, Bronze, Titanium, Impact, Impacts, Hard, Crash, Weapons, Pipes, Gates, Fences, Foley, Bars, Pipes, Destroy, Chains, Chain, Braces, Shackles, Prison, Coins, Drill, Driller, Cans, Coins, Silver Wear, Boom, Scraps, Scrapping, Saw, Car, Crash, Machinery,