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Introducing the Nova 10,000 Sounds Master Collection—an extensive sound library boasting over 10,000 meticulously crafted sound effects, instruments, percussion sounds, loops, and music tracks. Tailored for music production, game and app development, and audio post-production, it stands as an indispensable tool for media and content creators. Discover a royalty-free treasure trove exclusively at

Celebrate Nova Sound's decade in the industry with exciting new additions like Roaring Flames and Percussion Room 2025, enriching the Nova 10,000 Sounds experience. Ideal for Games, App Development, Audio Post-Production, and Music Production, explore a vast collection of Sound FX, Instrument Sounds, and Tracks today!



  • 10,000+ Sounds: FX, Percussion, Tracks
  • Formats: 24Bit 48K .Wav

Nova 10,000 Sounds Master Collection Featuring Various Music Compilations and Sound Libraries

Over 100 Sound Libraries

Please Note: FILES will be delivered via Email!

Music Production Series:

The Nova Drum Unit Plugin Bundle

Free Art Series

Oceans Didgeridoo Syth

Keys On Timberland Dr

Nova Didgeridoo

Percussion Room 2020

AfroBeat Caribbean Unlimited Kit

Umbra Drums Master Collection

Extraterrestrial Impacts Industrial Percussion

Sound For The Peaceful Sound Kit

Free Legacy Collection

Neo Trapmatics

Neo Drillmatics

Pistol Pro Gun DJ FX

All Hallows Eve

Sound Libraries:

Speed Racer

Vehicle 1175

Compact Vehcile

Dynamic Aquatics

Ten Tsunamis

All Hallowees Eve

Chemical Weapons

Culinary Arts

Electro Magnetic Fields

ShockWav Weapon

Explosive SuperNova

Flames and Fireworks

Nike Bourough

Titanium Novano

Beeps Blips and Menus

Arcade FX

Baby {reject K&M

Blades and Shape Objects

C02 Shooter

Cock and Shoot

Gun Range

Foley Human

Free Firearms

Lever Action Rifle

Nova Tools Box

Nova Reloaded

Nova Universal Sound FX 15 16 23 25

NovAR 15

Spare Change

Stomp Mechanis

Nova Sound Live FX

Flamethrower Roaring Raging Flames

Nova Sound Hoops Sporting Goods

Rooms Toe Ambient Sound FX

Percussion Room 2025

Massage Guns Vibrating Devices

Extraterrestrial Technology FX

Gamers 3000

Heavy Machinery

Gun Shots FX

10th Anniversary Master Collection

Nova Scrap Yard

Sound Galaxy VR Master Collection


Athletic Technique

Dark Astrology

Nova Christmas Music

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

EgyptQuinoX Cinematic Music