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Nova Sound presents Gun Range. This sound library consists of 100 authentic recordings of gunfire in a gun range, single shots and groups mastered to fit new media. Inspired by first-person-shooter and war games.

 100 Sound FX - 48k 24bit Wav. Stereo





5 Double Shots Gun Fire - Nova Sound

FireArm 1 Gun Shot Pistol Fire

FireArm 1 Gun Shot Pistol Fire 2

FireArm 1 Gun Shot Pistol Fire 3

FireArm 1 Return Fire Gun Shots

Nova Shoot Out Gun Fire 1

Gun Shot Distant Rifle Fire

3 Gun 2 Shots 1 Return Fire

Pistol Shot Rifle GunFire

40 Cal Big Gun Shot

3 Distant Rifle Gun Fire

9MM Gun Shot Rifle Back Up

4 Rifle 1 Shot Gun Blast

FireArm 2 Gun Shot Pistol Fire

FireArm 2 Gun Shot Pistol Fire 2

HandGun Follow Up Shot Fire

45 ACP Hand Gun Shot

FireArm 2 Gun Shot Pistol Fire 3

Nova Shoot Out Gun Fire 2

Pump Shot Gun Fire Shoot

3 Shot Shoot Out Gun Fire

HandGun Shot Follow Up Fire

Shot Gun Then Pistol Fire

357 Magnum Revolver Gun Shot

Double 357 Magnum Revolver Gun Shot

Nova Shoot Out Gun Fire 3

Nova Assault Rifle Rapid Fire Shoout Out

Hard Hand Gun Firer

11 Sporting Rifle Rapid Fire Gun Shoots

Pistol Cock N Gun Fire

Pistol Gun Fire

Gun Fire Overpowered War

Nlock 9mm Gun Shots

Nova 5 Shot Rifle Shoot Out

4 Gun Shot Rapid Fire

Industrial Gun Fire

2 Assault Rifle Gun Shots

Shoot Out Getting Shot At Fire

Returning Gun Fire Shots

Elite FireArm Gun Shot

Strategic Gun Fire Shot Out

38 Special Hand Gun Shot

357 Sig Hand Gun Shot

Double Revolvers Gun Fire

Big Gun Fast Shoot Out

Direct Shoot Out Gun Shots

Distant Shoot Out Gun Shots

Large UI Gun Shot

Gun Shot and Shells

2 45 Hand Guns Shoot Out

Execution Style Return Fire

Execution Style Return Fire 2

Execution Style Return Fire 3

Short Shooting Guns

Kill Shot Gun Fire

Kill Shot Gun Fire 2

Shoot Out Hand Guns Only

12 Gauge Shotgun

Consistent Distant Gun Fire

A Real Shoot Out Nova Gun Fire

Shooting At Us Gun Fire

9mm Nuger Gun Shot

Nova P92 Gun Shot

High Powered Rifle Shoot Out Gun Fire

2 Lethal Gun Shots

High Powered Rifle 6 Shots

Gun Fire Guns Shooting

Got Shot, Shoot Back

Hand Gun Shot and Shell

Room Tone Gun Shot

Gun Shooting FireArm Shot Out

Nova AR 15 Gun Shot

Nova AR 15 Shoot Out Gun Fire

War Gun Fire

Nova AR 15 Unload Shooting Gun Fire

AR 15 Shoot Out Shot Gun

Assault Sporting Rifle Gun Fire