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Nova Sound is celebrating 10 years in business and has released the "10th Anniversary Music" and "Free 10" Sound Kit 💎 🥁 exclusively for subscribers! 



10th Anniversary Music:

  • 10+ Original Compositions! 
  • Stereo .wav
  • 48K 24-bit


Track List:

Generation Hip Hop Trap Dub Step EDM Cross Over TrapStep Beat Musical Score/ Mastered - Nova Sound

Dark War Game TAIKO Epic Ambient Musical Score - Nova Sound

Uplifting Electro Buzzing Piano Hip Hop Beat - Nova Sound

Dance Chemist EDM Electronic Uplifting Going Up Instrumental - Nova Sound

Smooth Motor Engineer Hip Hop Racing Game Beat - Nova Sound

Breaking The Record RPM Breaks Boom Bap Orchestral Epic Hip Hop Beat - Nova Sound

Stomp Em Out Jumping Hard Sports Rap Hip Hop Beat - Nova Sound

Stomps and Claps In The Party Hard Hip Hop Beat Instrumental - Nova Sound

Neo Drillmatics Drill Gun Fire Sports Hip Hop EDM Rap Beat

Drummer Gun Epic Charged Up Loading First Person Shooter Game Music Hard Beat

All Black Timberlands Hard East Coast Hip Hop Rap Beat - Nova Sound


Non-exclusive royalty-free limited license. 



Free 10 Features:

  • 10+ Exclusive Sounds.
  • Stereo .wav
  • 48K 24-bit

 Price: Free with Email Sign Up. (Available for a limited time only.) only. NovaSound.Technology