All Hallows Eve - Sound Kit
Nova Sound Technology

All Hallows Eve - Sound Kit

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Nova Sound Presents All Hallows Eve. 16 Halloween themed percussion instruments, vocal samples, and fx design to add a climactic element to your musical production. (8 Percussion Instruments and 8 Vox/FX)

48K 24 Bit 
Stereo .Wav




Dark Live Nova Kick

Vinyl Terror Kick

World Domination Kick

Broken Mirror Scooby Doo Snare

Broken Glass Cartoon Snare

SuperNatural Ambient Snare

Door Kick

Chuckle Chemical Kick

Zombie Crowd

Laughter Crowd

Evil Laughter A

Evil Laughter B

Reverse Zombie Knocks Break

Evil Urban Stinger Laugh

Dark Chemical Spray FX

TombStone Rumble RainStick