All Hallows Eve - Sound Kit

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Nova Sound Presents All Hallows Eve. 16 Halloween-themed percussion instruments, vocal samples, and fx design to add a climactic element to your musical production. (8 Percussion Instruments and 8 Vox/FX)

48K 24 Bit 
Stereo . Wav




Dark Live Nova Kick

Vinyl Terror Kick

World Domination Kick

Broken Mirror Scooby-Doo Snare

Broken Glass Cartoon Snare

SuperNatural Ambient Snare

Door Kick

Chuckle Chemical Kick

Zombie Crowd

Laughter Crowd

Evil Laughter A

Evil Laughter B

Reverse Zombie Knocks Break

Evil Urban Stinger Laugh

Dark Chemical Spray FX

TombStone Rumble RainStick