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Introducing Nova Sound Hoops Series - a comprehensive Sporting Goods Master Collection brought to you by Nova Sound. Immerse yourself in the authentic ambiance of basketball and sports with over 700 meticulously crafted sound effects and percussion elements. From the rhythmic dribbles and graceful swishes to the electrifying shouts and spirited chants, this sound kit covers the full spectrum of the game.

Featuring a diverse array of large and small FX, basketball-specific sounds, dynamic loops, impactful impacts, and vibrant percussion, each element is captured in pristine 48K 24-bit stereo WAV format. Whether you're composing music or working on post-production projects, Nova Sound Hoops provides the perfect sonic palette to elevate your work to the next level. Experience the essence of the game with Nova Sound Hoops - where basketball meets production excellence. 

 Nova Sound Hoops - Sporting Goods - Master Collection:

  • 700+ Exclusive Sounds.
  • Stereo .wav
  • 48K 24-bit
Hoops Drums by Nova Sound: Experience the fusion of authentic basketball and sports sounds with dynamic tribal percussion and membranophone elements. Crafted to perfection, these limited edition sounds are exclusively available from Nova Sound. Elevate your productions with this unique blend of rhythmic energy and athletic spirit.

  Hoops Drums:
  • 175 Exclusive Sounds.
  • Stereo .wav
  • 48K 24-bit


Free Hoops:

  • 16+ Exclusive Sounds.
  • Stereo .wav
  • 48K 24-bit

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