EgyptQuinoX - Musical Scores
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EgyptQuinoX - Musical Scores

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Nova Sound presents  EgyptQuinoX.  A complication of 12 cinematic musical scores. EgyptQuinoX, a cinematic hip hop experience. 

48K 24 Bit Wav

Full Length and Loop-able 


* For commercial and non-commercial use. End-User License is enclosed in download folder.

Tracks Listing: 

1. The Pharaoh's Return

2. Dimension Gate EQX

3. 0Zero Gravity

4. Pyramid Reign

5. Horology 

6. Forbidden Knowledge

7. Kemetic Science

8. Digital Scroll EQX 

9. Dark Astrology

10. Maat and Anubis

11. Stolen Legacy

12. 2020 Kingship EQX