Baby Project K&M - Baby Sound FX

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Nova Sound presents Baby Project K&M.  This library consists of 30 baby sound fx, created from real baby recordings.

Baby, Child, Kid, Wala, Walla, Babble, Bable, Babies, Girl, Boy, Playing, Toys, Children, Fun,

30 Sound FX - 48K 24 Bit Wav. Stereo



Baby Girl Ah

Baby Girl DaDa

Baby Girl Dah

Baby Girl Da

Baby Girl AhDluh

Baby Girl DaYah

Baby Girl Ahhh

Baby Girl WhoAh with Toy

Baby Girl AhYah

Baby Girl AhJah

Baby Girl EnDuHa

Baby Girl 1 Giggle

Baby Girl Ahhh Wala Toy

Baby Girl Laughter With God Dad

Baby Girl Laughter 2

Baby Boy DaDaDlah

Baby Boy DaDlah

Baby Boy Dalah

Baby Boy Yala

Baby Boy AhPla

Baby Boy AhDah

Baby Boy AhDlah

Baby Boy Breathing

Baby Boy AhlaLaDah

Baby Boy WaDa Dah Wala

Baby Boy AhLaLaJahYa Sentence

Baby Boy DeDahYaDeh

Baby Boy Bommy Mommy

Baby Boy Excited Weeye

Baby Boy YeaHea