Free Uhuru - Sound Kit
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Free Uhuru - Sound Kit

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Nova Sound has released Free Uhuru Sound Pack inspired by the "Uhuru" musical compilation. Free Uhuru is available for a limited time only.


  • 8 Drum Samples.
  • Stereo .wav.
  • 48K 24-bit.


Freedom from emotional prison, freedom from financial prison,
 and most importantly freedom from mental prison.

Freedom In Progress 
1. Poetic Freedom
 2. CrazX 5tory 
 3. Albino Wheel
4. Little Sister Song 

Luv Is A Process 
5. Vibing With You (Chong-Zhen) 
 6. Good Guess Feat. Hunnii and JusMaej
 7. Say It Back
 8. Intimidated
 9. The Comfort Zone 

New York Forever
10. Lion’s Den (Didgeridoo Score)
 11. 219th Street
 12. Scott La Rock
 13. Blizzard Of 1996
 14. G Class Feat. Kenny Soul and Zay Mack

One Love Jamaica 
  15. 2 Different Ones/ $100K 
 16. Dante’s Inferno
 17. Revolutionaries
18. A Repressed Memory Feat. The Millers (Melinda Simone, Dr. Musiq, Lyric and Jazziah)